April 23, 2010


Download: Here

What was discussed: Modern Warfare 2 Enters Guinness Record Book, Assassin’s Creed 2 Has Record For Most Mag. Cover Appearances, UbiSoft Doing Away With Game Instruction Manuals, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Announced, Microsoft Mulling An XBox Live TV Channel, StarCraft Cheating Scandal Rocks South Korea, Brain Training Games Don’t Improve Intelligence, Leonard Nimoy Retires From Acting

Dennis’s Nickname: The man who challenges all of you ham and eggers out there who think you’re good at videogames to try and beat the first Castlevania with a dance mat.

Blast From the Past: Waynes World (1992, Movie)

Also worth a look:
Nick Hagman beating Castlevania 1 With a Dance Pad. In full disclosure, the hosts of The Arcade probably can’t even beat Castlevania with a regular controller.

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