December 20 & 27, 2013 – 7th Annual Christmas Music Special

Greetings friends!  It’s that time of year again when we put aside all things video game and focus on all things Christmas music for our 7th annual Christmas Music Special.  We’ve lined up a slew of great holiday tracks that you’ve never heard before, or if you have, then it’s been a damn long time.

This year, you’ll hear a hair metal Christmas song that’s sure to become a staple of your holidays, as well as robots who come to learn what the true meaning of the season really is.  Plus, we will answer the question that’s plagued mankind for ages: what does it sound like when a 90-year old British actor performs a heavy metal Christmas song?  All that and so much more is in store on this very special edition of The Arcade.

As always, we encourage you to click on the links below and purchase these songs for yourselves.  That way, you can enjoy them for this, and all future Christmas seasons!

What Was Played:
(click on the links to buy!)

Dennis’ Nickname:

The man who will never shop at a mall ever again during Christmas time.  Ever.

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