December 4, 2009


Download: Here

What was discussed: Dutch Patient Powers Down Hospital To Solve Silent Hill Puzzle, Banned PSN Player Suing Over WoW, RROD, etc…, New Prince of Persia Coming May 2010, Medal Of Honor Returning In 2010, Duke Nukem D-Day Revealed???, Microsoft Avatars Get Avatar Pets, Sega Announces Sonic Classic Collection DS

Dennis’s Nickname: The man who is experiencing the “end of semester” burn

Blast From the Past: Kirby’s Adventure (1993, NES)

Code of the Week: Boom Blox Bash Party (Wii)

At the Boom Blox title screen, hit up, right, down, left on the D-pad button.
Type in the codes below for the listed effect:

Code / Effect

Bailout 1 Million Boom Bux

Musical Fruit Turns all sound effects into Virus Blox sound effects

Freeze Frame Turn on Blox Time

Blox Bouquet Turns all animations into flowers

Nothing But Hope Unlock All

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