January 19, 2018 – No Show This Week

Hi folks,

Unfortunately, there will not be a new show for you this week as both Mike and Dennis have fallen ill in recent days.  Don’t worry, it’s nothing major and isn’t anything to worry about.  Mike has simply come down with an unpleasant stomach bug, while Dennis is suffering from a case of the flu that’s been going around.  Hopefully, with this week off, both will be back up and close to 100% to deliver a new show for you next week.

However, this unforeseen week away does make for an awkward pattern in our release calendar as we will be away once again the week of Friday, February 2nd as Mike will be pre-occupied with work that week.  But, life doesn’t always go according to plan and getting sick is something beyond our control.  So all we can do is make up for the lack of shows by increasing the awesome in the ones we are releasing!

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