July 6, 2018 – No Show This Week

Hey friends,

Sooooo, remember last week when we were off for the Canada Day long weekend and said that we’d be back with a new show for you this week?  Yeah, well… that’s not happening.  As it turns out, our old nemesis “Life” has reared its ugly head once again and is preventing us from getting together this week to record a new episode.  Unlike previous instances of “Life” getting in the way, illness and work are not to blame this week.  Instead, the culprit is home ownership.  As you may remember, Dennis is a homeowner now and, as such, finds himself needing them time to do some work on his abode.  Or he’s got guys coming over to do the work.  Or he’s getting an estimate on some work to be done?  Basically, it’s something to with Dennis and work needing to be done on his house.

In any event, hopefully, this week will allow him time to get done that which needs to get done, and we can be back with a new show for you next week.

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