March 9, 2007


Download:  Here

What was discussed:  Sadly, not as much as we were hoping for.  You see, a broadcast of a junior hockey game was scheduled at the same time as our show this night, and nobody told us about it!  With that important detail unknown to us, we continued on with business as usual, only to be interrupted early on in the show.  We’re not quite impressed by this, and are hoping that it doesn’t happen again.  However, we did manage to talk about the following:  Capcom Announces Phoenix Wright 3 Contest; GameStop Pestering Customers For Trade-Ins; GDC 07:  Sony Goes “Home”

Dennis’s Nickname:  Kind of a Big Deal

Blast From the Past:  Prince of Persia (PC | Oct. 1989) … or at least, it was going to be.  Again, because we were cut off, it never got used.

Code of the Week:  Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (Xbox 360) … same story as the Blast From the Past.

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