November 2, 2018 – No Show This Week

Hey friends,

Alas… much like two weeks ago, the plan *was* to record a new show for you.  And much like two weeks ago, it was all assembled, and ready to be recorded.  However, *unlike* two weeks ago when Mike was traveling and didn’t get his suitcase until much later, he actually received his suitcase right when he landed this time.  The problem came when connecting all his gear to set-up for a remote recording session.  Apparently, some thing or some setting must have changed in the many months since the last remote recording session because when going back to it this time, the recording hardware and software refused to play nice with one another.  Despite all best efforts being made, it became clear that there was a bigger technical issue at hand that could not be solved in just one night.  Thus, no recording could take place.

Fear not, citizens, for next week will be a better week when both Mike and Dennis will be in the same physical location at the same physical time, reducing the number of things that could go wrong.  Until then, we apologize for not being with you this week.

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