October 19, 2018 – No Show This Week

Hey friends,

So… the plan *was* to record a new show for you this week.  It was all assembled, fine-tuned, sent to the necessary parties, and just waiting to be recorded.  BUT, a funny thing happened on the way to recording that show.  You see, Mike was traveling for work on the recording day, and brought the equipment with him to record a show remotely.  And, while Mike managed to get to his destination, his suitcase ultimately did not.  In that suitcase?  Yep, his recording equipment.  Needless to say, it’s a little difficult to record a show when you have nothing to record it with.

Unfortunately, our best-laid plans were blown to smithereens this week.  But, do not fret, for we will be back with a brand-new show for you next week.  Best of all, next week’s show will be our annual Halloween Music Special!  We hope you’ll join us for what is one of the most fun shows we do each year.

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