September 26, 2021 – No Show This Week

Hey all,

So… unexpectedly, we don’t have a new episode to bring you this week.  While we had one all prepared and were set to record, unforeseen circumstances intervened and prevented that from happening.  This time, some faulty pipes are to blame.

You see, Dennis was bogged down by dealing with some leaking pipes in his kitchen on our recording day.  While this may have seemed like a manageable repair job at first, it quickly snowballed as more work was done and more problems were revealed.  As you can imagine, his energy and efforts were rightly focused on dealing with that.  Here’s hoping that he has everything in order and we can get back together next week!

In the meantime, we encourage you to get your fill of our smooth sounds by checking out the many past episodes available for download on both our iTunes and Google Play pages.

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