September 27, 2019 – Away This Week

Hey friends,

As mentioned at the tail end of last week’s episode, the show will be away this week as we’re using what would normally be our recording time to go see Rambo: Last Blood instead!  Since we’re both longtime fans of the Rambo franchise and all its cockamamie naming scheme glory, it’s pretty much a given that we have to see Last Blood.

Normally, this is the time where it’s mentioned that the show will be back next week, but that’s not the case today!  Dennis will be on a trip out of town next week, so the plan right now is to return with a brand-new episode for all of you on Friday, October 11th.

In the meantime, we encourage you to get your fill of our smooth sounds by checking out the many past episodes available for download on both our iTunes and Google Play pages.

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