November 20, 2009


Download: Here

What was discussed: US Gov. Uses PS3s To Catch Child Pornographers, America’s Army VG An Effective Recruitment Tool, MW2 Five-Day Sales Hit $550M (According to Activision), Activision Edited MW2 For Russia, OnLive To Come To Smart Phones As Well, Time Magazine Names Natal A Top Invention Of 2009, Spike TV VGA Nominees Announced

Dennis’s Nickname: The Man who doesn’t afraid of anything indeed.

Blast From the Past:  Super Dave Osbourne

Also worth a look:  Team Four Star: Official Website

Code of the Week:  Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues (PS3)

Code / Unlockable

4C5AKH Professor Henry Jones

EGSM5B Coin Magnet

2U7YCV Snake Whip

BC5PTY Rolls-Royce: Phantom

SRM3E84 Stunt Plane

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