December 15, 2006


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What was discussed:  Guitar Hero Benches Pro Athlete; Germany Considers Jail For Violent Games; Spike TV VGA Results; Sony Shuffles Top Executives; Dragon Quest 9 Exclusive To DS; Nintendo Looking Into Broken Wii Straps; Sony Hits Brakes On Gran Turismo HD; Dozens Added To Xbox 360 Compatibility List; Interplay Planning Fallout MMO Game

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Constant Gardener

Blast From the Past:  Wizards & Warriors (NES | Dec. 1987)

Code of the Week:  Wii Sports Bowling (Wii)

December 1, 2006


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What was discussed: One In Nine MMOG Players Addicted; Second Life Realtor Makes $1 Million; Over 600 000 Wiis Served; eBay Wii & PS3 Sales Figures; First Cases Of Wii Elbow Reported; Police Make Arrests In PS3 Thefts; Abandonware Now Legal?; Wii Sims Get Makeover; Girl Gamers Targeted By New Magazine

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Well-Tempered Concert Goer

Blast From the Past:  Secret of Evermore (SNES | Oct. 1995)

Code of the Week:  Elite Beat Agents (DS)

November 24, 2006


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What was discussed:  PS3 Or Free Tacos; Wikipedia Shootout; HDTV Now On XBLM; Gears of War Sells One Million Copies; Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta Coming In Spring; Halo Movie On Hold; Xbox 360 Hacked; Microsoft Withholding Wireless Protocol; Xbox Live Surpasses 4 Million Users; Sony To Replace SixAxis Batteries; Nintendo Wanted $100 Wii

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Lightswitch Rave

Blast From the Past:  SimCity 2000 (PC |  Feb. 1995)

Code of the Week:  Marvel Ultimate Alliance (Xbox 360)

November 17, 2006 – All Music Spectacular


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What was discussed:  With Mike “The Legend” away this week, Dennis takes the reins for an All Music Spectacular!  Plus he offers up two news items: PS3 Lines Targets of Violence; New Street Fighter Movie In The Works

Dennis’s Nickname:  Ollie, The Alternating Alternator

Blast From the Past:  Ninja Gaiden 2 (NES | Oct. 1990)

Code of the Week:  WWE Smackdown VS. Raw 2007 (Xbox 360)

November 10, 2006


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What was discussed:  BK Orders Up Xbox Games; UK Company Combines Stairmasters and Playstations; E3 Spirit Lives On; ESA Endorses E3 Successor
Game Companies Control E3 Invites; New Virtual Console Games Announced; Sony Kicks Lik-Sang While Their Down; Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron Preview; Xbox Live Gets Movie, HDTV On Demand; Only Selling Zelda In Wii Bundles

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Body Ventura

Blast From the Past:  Dr. Mario (NES | Oct. 1990)

Code of the Week:  Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (PS2)

October 27, 2006


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What was discussed:  Charity Puts Games In Hospitals; Teen Uses Brain To Play Space Invaders; Ahmet Zappa Writing New Fraggle Rock Movie; Halo Movie Dumped; Dethklok Appearing In Guitar Hero 2; Employee Exodus Leaves Duke Nukem Future In Doubt; Resident Evil 10th Anniversary Collection Unveiled; Actors Support Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars; World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Sparks Collectors Edition; Curt Schilling Pitches Game Company; Sony Debuts PSP GPS

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Gipper, For Lack Of A Better Name

Blast From the Past:  Friday The 13th (NES | Feb. 1989)

Code of the Week:  The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie’s Revenge (Xbox)

October 20, 2006


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What was discussed:  Wii-mote Gets Smart; eBay Kills PS3 Auction; PS3 / Wii Pre-orders; E3 07 Dated, Detailed; Guitar Hero 2 Complete Tracklist Announced; Light Shed On PS3 Online Plans; PS3 Adopts Linux; Nielsen Group To Track Video Games; Video Chat for PS3 Coming

Dennis’s Nickname:  Chief Security Office Worf, As Played By Michael Dorn

Blast From the Past:  Blades of Steel (NES | Dec. 1988)

Code of the Week:  Death Jr. (PSP)

October 6, 2006


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What was discussed:  Madden Curse Strikes Again; Leveling Up For Cash Is Now A Possibility; One Million Wiis Ready For Launch ; GameStop Gets Wii Kiosk Rights; Sony To Have 15,000 PS3 Kiosks; PS3 Games To Be Priced At $59.99; Opera Browser On Wii To Be Free; Madden, Need For Speed Launch w/ Wii; Guitar Hero 2 Track List Announced

Dennis’s Nickname:  Boo Creepy Foot Doctor

Blast From the Past:  Resident Evil (PS | March 1996)

Code of the Week:  Prince of Persia – Two Thrones (PS2)

September 29, 2006


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What was discussed:  Deee-Lite Singer Loses Lawsuit With SEGA; Videogame Addiction Clinic Swamped; Halo Becoming An RTS; Peter Jackson Bringing New Entry To Halo Universe; HD-DVD Drive Release Date & Price; Marvel MMO Coming To PC, Xbox 360; Grand Theft Auto 4 Downloadable Content Detailed; Bioshock, Splinter Cell 5 Microsoft Exclusive; Guitar Hero 2 Coming To Xbox 360; Oblivion Confirmed For PS3 & PSP; Xbox Live Gets Doom

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Marlboro Man

Blast From the Past:  The Simpsons: Bart vs. The Space Mutants (NES | Feb. 1991)

Code of the Week:  Ultimate Spider-Man (PS2)