October 30, 2009


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What was discussed: US Postal Worker Steals Over 2000 GameFly Shipments, GTA IV Longest Play Session Record Shattered, TMNT Sold To Nickelodeon, Nintendo Announces DSi XL, Sony Announces 250GB PS3, Civilization Coming To Facebook In 2010 (And real life civilization grinds to a halt; also in 2010).

Dennis’s Nickname: The Extra Fun Size Candy

Blast From the Past: Halloween (1978)

Code of the Week: Marvel Super Hero Squad (PSP)

Curse it all…

Hey gang,

It looks like October is simply not a good month for us to bring you new shows.

We missed a few shows earlier this month due to the fact I was away on a European vacation. We attempted a return to form last week in spite of my having a terrible nagging cough, which later turned out to be a chest infection. (An authentic Italian chest infection I might add!)

Now, the Gods have seen fit to bless me with an ailment that interferes with my ability to do a new show. Unfortunately, I’ve got a case of Pink Eye, and it sucks. Currently, I’m under a self-imposed quarantine to avoid infecting Dennis and others.

Hopefully this will clear up and I’ll be right as rain for next week.

– Mike “The Legend”

October 16, 2009


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What was discussed: Mike the Legend gloriusly returns to Canada, US DHS Might Use Wii Balance Boards For Airport Security, “The Exploding Bag Of Wieners” Suing Facebook, Capcom Announces Super Street Fighter IV, David Bowie Playable In Lego Rock Band, Wii Play, GH 3 Top Selling Games Of The Decade.

Dennis’s Nickname: The Return To Form

Blast From the Past: The Brave Little Toaster (Movie, 1987)

Code of the Week: Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story (DS)

About the absense of shows…

Hey Gang,

As you may (or may not) know, Mike “The Legend” has been in Europe for the last little while and I have been a little too busy with school work to even attempt to put a show together myself.

We will be back next week, however, when Mike “The Legend” will no doubt regale us with tales of his European Vacation (not to be confused with the National Lampoon film of the same title)