December 22/18 – January 4/19 – 12th Annual Christmas Music Special

Friends, the holiday season is firmly upon us and what better way to feel the warmth of the season than with our 12th annual Christmas Music Special.  As we have with all of our past Christmas Music Specials, we endeavor to bring you some holiday songs that you probably haven’t heard before because, by this point, Jingle Bell Rock is rocked out and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is hard to take after the 786th listen.

On the show this year, we bring you a festive assortment of musical treats spanning different countries, eras, and genres too.  We start things off with some “prime cuts” from the new holiday album by recently released by William Shatner.  After that experience, we go back in time to a bygone era to experience some classic soul Christmas music from the likes of Stevie Wonder, James Brown, and the recently departed Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.  From there, the show makes a hard left turn and comes home for an all-Canadian Christmas group which spans the country by including the Crash Test Dummies, Dan Mangan, the Barenaked Ladies, and the late Rita MacNeil.  Closing out the show, we wanted to lift you up out of your chair and get you moving, so we put together a little bit of a Christmas dance party.  Because, why wouldn’t we?  Getting you bopping around will be tunes from Dragonette, John Legend, Dinosaur Jr., Eton John, and RuPaul.

As always, we encourage you to follow the iTunes links below to purchase these songs for yourself and add them to your collection.  We hope you enjoy this show, and we wish all of you out there a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

What Was Played:
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Dennis’ Nickname:

The Christmas miracle

December 14, 2018 – No Show This Week… Again

Hi folks,

The best way to describe this week would be to borrow a line from Leonard Snart/Captain Cold on an episode of The Flash when he said, “Make the plan.  Execute the plan.  Expect the plan to go off the rails.  Throw away the plan.”

You see, the sore throat that sidelined Mike for the last two weeks had at last subsided, and he could finally talk for long periods without discomfort.  Mike and Dennis lined up their respective schedules and managed to pick a date and time for when they could get together and record a show.  The news items were all selected and everything was pointing in a positive direction.  Unfortunately, however, what couldn’t be planned for was Dennis getting sick, which is exactly what happened this week.

For some reason, the fates decided to bless Dennis with one of those bad cold/borderline cases of flu that come and kick your butt for a few days.  Thankfully, the worst of it has now passed for him and he’s on the road to getting well, but was still in no condition to record a show.

We apologize for the lack new shows over the last several weeks.

In the meantime, we encourage you to get your fill of our smooth sounds by checking out the many past episodes available for download on both our iTunes and Google Play pages.

December 7, 2018 – No Show This Week

Hi folks,

Unfortunately, we still do not have a new show for you.  The culprit this week was the devastating one-two punch of scheduling conflicts and less than 100% health.  Last week, Mike was suffering from a sore throat, which was the main factor in not doing a show.  Alas, with a week’s time, Mike’s poor pharynx proves positively problematic and is still not yet up to enough snuff to survive the rigors of recording.  Ideally, if his current pace of recovery continues without issue, then he *should* (fingers crossed) be well enough for a show next week.  If anything changes on that front, watch this space.

In the meantime, we encourage you to get your fill of our smooth sounds by checking out the many past episodes available for download on both our iTunes and Google Play pages.