March 27, 2009


Download:  Here

What was discussed:  Utah Governor Vetoes Game Bill; School Principal Nintendo Power Issue Over Cove; OnLive Unveils On-Demand Game Service; Iwata GDC Keynote Address Details; Videogame Museum Opens In NYC

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Forced & Insincere Laughter

Blast From the Past:  First Blood  (Movie | Oct. 1982)

Code of the Week:  Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (DS)

March 13, 2009


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What was discussed:  Yale Student Suing Over Stolen X360; RAF Considering Using Gamers To Pilot Drones; Beatles Rock Band Coming 9/9/09; Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Gets Wii Sequel; Sonic Co-Creator Working On New Pac-Man Game; Nintendo Ship 100 Millionth DS; A Boy & His Blob Coming To Wii

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Man Who Wants Summer NOW!

Blast From the Past:  Cave Story  (PC | Dec. 2004)

Code of the Week:  Resident Evil 5

March 6, 2009


Download:  Here

What was discussed:  Halo 3 Sees One Billionth Online Match; King Diamond A Character In Guitar Hero Metallica; Mortal Kombat Franchise Might Go Up For Sale; Punch-Out Coming To The Wii May 18; Final Fantasy IV Sequel Wii-bound; Rock Band, Assassin’s Creed, Little Big Planet PSP-bound

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Ninjanomicist

Blast From the Past:  Super Metroid  (SNES | April 1994)

Code of the Week:  Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collecction