June 14, 2019 – E3 Wrap-up (Part 1)

E3 Ludicrous Leadoff:

Microsoft Recap:

Nintendo Recap:

Dennis’ Nickname:

The man who wonders what the guy who tried to blackmail Radiohead’s reaction to Radiohead’s response was
(visit the Radiohead page on Bandcamp here)

Blast From The Past:

June 7, 2019 – No Show This Week

Hi folks,

Sorry to say, but there will not be a new show for you this week as Dennis was unable to tear himself away from some life obligations to record this week.  Don’t worry, we should be back next week to bring you part one of our E3 2019 recap.

In the meantime, we encourage you to get your fill of our smooth sounds by checking out the many past episodes available for download on both our iTunes and Google Play pages.