May 29, 2009 – Frank Zappa Music Special


Download: Here

What was discussed: Due to a news drought in the anticipation of E3, the music of Frank Zappa was discussed, and how you should be excited for Zappa Plays Zappa’s return to Winnipeg in August. Songs played included most of the “Apostrophe(‘)” album, “Let Me Take You To The Beach”, Captain Tortilla’s NES arrangement of “Peaches En Regalia” & the classic “I am the Slime”.

Dennis’s Nickname: The man who wants to know if that is a real poncho or a Sears poncho?

Blast From the Past: N/A

Code of the Week: N/A

May 22, 2009


Download: Here

What was discussed: A Spore/Robot Chicken collaboration, 3D Realms NOT dead(??), first details of Guitar Hero 5, OnLive snubbing E3, April U.S. game sales figures courtesy of the NPD group, Tony Hawk Ride, Rockstar co-founders on the Times 100 list.

Dennis’s Nickname: The Newly Recrowned Pallet Jack King

Blast From the Past: Black Sabbath I (CD, 1970)

Code of the Week: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

May 15, 2009


Download: Here

What was discussed: Jamaican bobsled team to appear in a Wii Game, the real-life occurrences of the Konami Code on various websites, new Duke Nukem Forever screenshots and footage appear online, Factor 5 shutting down, Rock Band: Pearl Jam due in 2010 and Lego: Rock Band expected for the holiday season of ’09.

Dennis’s Nickname: The Strolling Minstrel

Blast From the Past: Dragon Ball (TV Series, 1986-1989)

Code of the Week: Konami Code (figure it out for yourself!!!)

May 8, 2009


Download: Here

What was discussed: Canada placed on the U.S. government’s piracy “watch list”, Mr. T. & Will Wright teaming up to battle Nazis, 3D Realms Shutting down (and the residual effect of Duke Nukem Forever being cancelled, arguably to the suprise of nobody), Microsoft’s planned “motion control” for the Xbox 360, and Sony lashing out and calling the piracy rate of the PSP “sickening”.

Dennis’s Nickname: The man who is using this show as a platform to brag about his near-4.0 GPA

Blast From the Past: Star Trek 2 & Star Trek 4 (Movies, 1982 & 1986)

Code of the Week: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (DS)