November 30, 2007


Download:  Here

What was discussed:  Halo 3 Hosts Marriage Proposal; Greenpeace Slams Nintendo; Metal Gear Solid 4 Must Sell 1 Million Copies On Day One; Activision Sued Over Guitar Hero 80’s Edition; Harmonix Aware Of Rock Band Guitar Issues; Guitar Hero Controllers To Fly Solo; MTV Talks Possibility of Rock Band TV Show; More Ghostbusters Game Details

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Enchanted Shin

Blast From the Past:  Contra (NES | Feb. 1988)

Code of the Week:  Contra 4 (DS)

November 23, 2007


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What was discussed:  Man Uses Wii To Catch Cheating Wife; William Shatner, Mr. T Shill For World of Warcraft; Ghostbusters Game Coming To PC, Consoles; Microsoft Brings Back Original Xbox Games; Guitar Hero III Boosts Record Sales; NPD Group: Oct. US Game Sales; Sega Remaking Original Nights Game For PS2; Spike TV Video Game Award Nominees; Harmonix Considering User Content For Rock Band

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Impossible To Transform Transformer

Blast From the Past:  Magic Darts (NES | Sept. 1991)

Code of the Week:  Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles (PSP)

November 16, 2007 – All Music Spectacular


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What was discussed:  With Dennis away due to illness, I finally have full control of the show and have decided to abuse my power in the most egregious way possible… by playing nothing but Dragonforce.  Yes that’s right, it’s all Dragonforce, all the time on this weeks show, so be sure to tune in, turn on, and crank it up!

Dennis’s Nickname:  N/A

Blast From the Past:  N/A

Code of the Week:  The Simpsons Game (Xbox 360)

November 9, 2007


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What was discussed:  Virtual Reality Game Helps Drug Addicts Recover; Manhunt 2 Credits Cut; Target Pulls Manhunt 2 From Shelves; Rock Band DLC News; Harmonix Phases Onto iPod; NiGHTS Tunes Into Wii Weather Channel; Nintendo Launching Check Mii Out; Nokia N-Gage Coming In December

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Tango & Cash

Blast From the Past:   Rambo: First Blood Part II (Movie | May 1985)

Code of the Week:  Guitar Hero III (PS2)

November 2, 2007


Download:  Here

What was discussed:  Church of England Forgives Sony; Million Dollar Halo 3 Tournament; Metal Gear Solid 4 Delayed… Again; Smash Bros. Brawl News; Spore Coming To Wii; Rock Band Setlist Revealed; NPD Group: Sept. US Sales; NPD Group: Sept. Canadian Sales

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Victim of Jetlag

Blast From the Past:  Top Gun (NES | Nov. 1987)

Code of the Week:  Mario Strikers Charged (Wii)