August 26, 2011

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What was discussed:  New iPhone Game Allows Users To Predict Hurricaines… For Fun!, Glass Could Become The Memory Medium Of The Future, GameStop Removes OnLive Vouchers From PC Game Boxes, Kanye West To Perform At Call of Duty Expo, Nintendo Cuts Price On Four Premium Titles

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Man Who Encourages All You Ham-N-Eggers To get Onboard With The Muppets’ Resurgence

Blast From the Past:  Final Fantasy VIII  (PS / Sept. 1999)

August 19, 2011


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What was discussed: MIT Develops A Drug To Fight Any Viral Infection, PayPal Founder Wants To Make Utopian Islands In The Ocean, Sony Drops PS3 Price By $50, Nintendo Slashes 3DS Prices, Nintendo President Takes 50% Pay Cut, Nintendo Offers Make Good For Early 3DS Adopters, Minecraft Convention Announces Event Details

Dennis’s Nickname: The Man Who Reminds You That Everything is Alphanumeric

Blast From the Past: Earthbound (SNES / June 1995)