June 20, 2008


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What was discussed:  Red Players Win More Often; Casual Gamers Disproportionately Disabled; NPD Group: May US Sales Figures; Games Industry To Reach $60B+ By 2012; Guitar Hero Metallica Due Out Early ’09; Sony To Split Dual Shock 3 In Two; Atari Movie To Star Leonardo DiCaprio

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Neverending Stream of Videogame Profanity

Blast From the Past:  SimCity (SNES | Aug. 1991)

Code of the Week:  DragonBall Z: Burst Limit (Xbox 360)

June 13, 2008


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What was discussed:  We do something a bit different and delve into the world of concert reviews, giving our takes on the recent shows by Video Games Live and Iron Maiden; Gamers Sue EA Over NFL Exclusivity

Dennis’s Nickname:  Scream For Me Winnipeg!

Blast From the Past:  Katamari Damacy (PS2 | Sept. 2004)

Code of the Week:  Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (PSP)