February 26, 2010


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What was discussed:  Atari Shopping Missile Command Film Rights, New NES Cartridge Released, Sells Out Immediately, Metroid: Other M Dated, Details Revealed, Super Mario Galaxy Arriving On May 23, DSi XL Launching In March, Cave Story Available On March 22, Wii Prince of Persia To Include SNES version, Co-op Multiplayer

Dennis’s Nickname:  The man who is fond of Jags, Sprees and Box Socials

Blast From the Past:  The Running Man (Movie, Nov. 1987)

February 12, 2010


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What was discussed: US Army Tried To Buy X360s And Was Turned Down, Scariest US Defence Research Program Ever, Activision Only Releasing Two Music Games This Year, EA Plans To Bring Madden To Facebook, The Sims Celebrate 10th Anniversary, GTA IV DLC Coming To PS3, PC In March, Brock Lesnar Named To Cover Of UFC 2010, Rock of the Dead Combines Music and Zombies

Dennis’s Nickname: The Man who’s renewed his blood-hate for Accounting

Blast From the Past: SCTV (TV Series / 1976-1984)

February 5, 2009

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What was discussed: Aussie Banker Red-Faced Over Blue Photos, ESRB Calls New DoA Game “Creepy Voyeurism”, USAF Links Together 2000 PS3s, Madden 10 Predicts Super Bowl Outcome, Sonic 4: Episode 1 Announced, Sony Launching It’s Own Reality Show On PSN, Civilization Network Open Beta Coming In June

Dennis’s Nickname: The Master of His Domains

Blast From the Past: Predator (Movie / June 1987)

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