June 26, 2009


Download: Here

What was discussed: EA’s Mock Religious Protests backfiring, Tingle, the (creepy) character from the Legend of Zelda series getting two new games all of his own, a discussion regarding the game critic’s E3 Awards, and the NPD Group’s US game sales figures for May.

Dennis’s Nickname: The Man Who’s Glad He’s Not In Hollywood Right Now

Blast From the Past: Moonwalker (Sega Genesis, 1990)

Code of the Week:Infamous (PS3)

June 12, 2009: E3 Wrap-Up Part 2 (Electric Boogaloo)


Download: Here

What was discussed: Futurama’s return to television, Nintendo’s Wii Vitality Sensor, The Beatles: Rock Band, Metal Gear Solid: Rising / Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker / Metal Gear Arcade, New Super Mario Bros. on the Wii, the new unnamed Zelda game, PSP Go

Dennis’s Nickname: The Slightly Older Radio Host

Blast From the Past: Sim City (SNES, 1991)

Code of the Week: The Sims 3 (PC/Mac)