September 28, 2007


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What was discussed:  Master Chief Heads To Harvard; USAF Uses Halo 3 As Recruiting Tool; Halo 3 Earns $170 Million On Day One; Microsoft Covers Scratched Discs; NPD Group: Aug. Canadian Game Sales; NPD Group: Aug. US Game Sales

Dennis’s Nickname:  The shameless plug for the Dissolution show at The Zoo on Saturday night

Blast From the Past:  Ice Hockey (NES | March 1988)

Code of the Week:  Halo 3 (Xbox 360)

September 21, 2007


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What was discussed:  Environment Coming To DS; Master P, Seth Green Developing Hip-Hop RPG; Sony Unveils Dual Shock 3 Controller; Sony Delays Home; Three New Kingdom Hearts Games Coming; Smash Bros. Brawl To Have Online

Dennis’s Nickname:  …But Don’t Take My Word For It.

Blast From the Past:   PaRappa The Rappa (Playstation | Oct. 1997)

Code of the Week:  Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii)

September 14, 2007


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What was discussed:  US Deptartment of Homeland Security Developing Game; Halo 3 Sneaker Banned Until The Year 9999; Wii Zapper Coming with New Zelda Game; Tom Morello Parades Into Guitar Hero 3; Guitar Hero 3 Coming To Mac & PC; World Series of Video Games Is DOA; Second Life Documentary To Air On HBO; LocoRoco PS3 Details; NeoGeo Games Coming To Wii Virtual Console

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Power Trio

Blast From the Past:  NHL Hockey (Sega Genesis | 1991)

Code of the Week:  Ninja Gaiden Sigma (PS3)

September 7, 2007


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What was discussed:  Uwe Boll Appears, Answers Questions At PAX ’07; Joust Slated To Come To The Big Screen; Manhunt 2 Getting Released; Holland Would Allow Uncut Manhunt 2; Violent Games Had No Role In Virginia Tech Tragedy; Rock Band Going On Tour; Rock Band Digs Up The Grateful Dead

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Man Who Would Sneeze On Howie Mandell

Blast From the Past:  Darkwing Duck (TV Series | March 1991 – Dec. 1992)

Code of the Week:  Call Of Duty: Roads To Victory (PSP)