April 27, 2012

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What was discussed: MIT Students Hack Building To Play Tetris, University Researchers Actually Make Doctor Who’s Sonic Screwdriver, Leisure Suit Larry Kickstarter Gets Fully Funded, Nintendo Announces New Mario 3DS Game, Kirby Anniversary Collection, Capcom, Namco, Sega Team Up For Crossover 3DS Title, Silent Hill Sequel Coming To Theatres In Oct., Disney’s “Wreck-It Ralph” To Feature Other Video Game Characters

Dennis’s Nickname: Who is too good for a nickname this week.

Blast From the Past: UHF (Movie / July 1989)

April 20, 2012

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What was discussed: MIT Wants To Make Printable Robots, Guy Launches $26K Kickstarter To Build Mario Level 1-1 In Lego, Halo 4 Gets A Release Date, Sony Announces New God of War PS3 Game, Capcom Invites Fan Tributes For Street Fighter 25th Anniversary, James Bond Returning To PS3, Xbox 360 This Fall, Harmonix Announces Rock Band Blitz

Dennis’s Nickname: The man who again gives Kudos to Nick “Nario” Hagman for another successfully viral video.

Blast From the Past: Phantom of the Paradise (Movie / Oct. 1974)

April 13, 2012


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What was discussed: Arizona Wants To Ban Trolling, Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition To Cost Over $1000, Resident Evil 6 Release Date Gets Moved Up, BioWare Gives Mass Effect 3 Ending Activists What They Wanted, Better Business Bureau Says Mass Effect 3 Was Falsely Advertised, Leisure Suit Larry Remake Gets Kickstarter Campaign

Dennis’s Nickname: Garbage Day!

Blast From the Past: N/A