June 29, 2007


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What was discussed:  Xbox Delays Snoop Dogg UNICEF Appearance; World of Warcraft Fansite Sells For $1 Million; Manhunt 2 Delayed; Nintendo Launches WiiWare; BioWare Making A Sonic RPG; Japan Publishers Increasing Wii Developement; Contra Coming To DS; PAX Triples In Size; Next-Gen Civilization Coming

Dennis’s Nickname:  The English Vice

Blast From the Past:  Yoshi’s Cookie (NES | April 1993)

Code of the Week:  Saint’s Row (Xbox 360)

June 22, 2007


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What was discussed:  Racing Games Can Cause Reckless Driving; Game Maker Targets Teens With Cancer; Manhunt 2 Banned In Britain; Manhunt 2 Gets AO Rating In US; Ken Kutaragi Officially Leaves Sony; Sony Planning 380 PS3 Games; Grand Theft Auto IV Gets Episodic On Xbox 360; EA Splits Four Ways; Miis Kicking It In FIFA 08; NPD Group: May US Sales Charts

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Green Giant

Blast From the Past:  Intelligent Qube (Playstation | Sept. 1997)

Code of the Week:  Tomb Raider Legend (PS2)

June 15, 2007


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What was discussed:  Playboy Enters Second Life; Sony Pisses Off The Church Of England; NPD Group: Canadian Game Sales Up 150% In May; Nintendo Facing Wii Lawsuit; More Guitar Hero 80’s Tracks Announced; More Uwe Boll Movies To Come; Myst Coming To DS; New Rumors Regarding PSP Redesign; Sony Opens Up PlayStation.Blog; Nintendo Confirms PR Cutbacks; New Gamer-Centric Energy Foods Coming

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Technical Difficulties

Blast From the Past:  ReBoot (TV Series | Sept. 1994 – Nov. 2001)

Code of the Week:  Rayman Raving Rabbids (Wii)

June 8, 2007


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What was discussed:  Storm Shocks Video Game Rockers; New He-Man Movie Confirmed; CBS To Broadcast World Series of Video Games; Canadian Company Suing Sony; Harmonix Taking Rock Band Suggestions; Video Game Rewriting Canadian History; Sony Continues Layoffs; Patent Hints At PSP Redesign; Stan Lee Joins Forces With Disney

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Ever Burning Head of Joe Pesci

Blast From the Past:  Hatris (NES | April 1992)

Code of the Week:  Mario Kart DS (DS)

June 1, 2007


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What was discussed:  Jackass: The Game Officially Coming;  Coming Soon: The Sims Movie; BBC To Broadcast In Second Life; Sony Sued Over Blu-Ray; Guitar Hero 3 Update; Lego Star Wars Coming To Wii, PS3; Sin City Becoming A Video Game; Price Cuts Coming For Xbox 360, PS3?; Blizzard Lawyers Up Against Gold Farmers; Blizzard Helps Grant 10 Year Olds Wish

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Appreciative Canadian

Blast From the Past:  Skeleton Warriors (PlayStation | May 1996)

Code of the Week:  Mortal Kombat Armageddon (PS2)