December 15, 2006


Download:  Here

What was discussed:  Guitar Hero Benches Pro Athlete; Germany Considers Jail For Violent Games; Spike TV VGA Results; Sony Shuffles Top Executives; Dragon Quest 9 Exclusive To DS; Nintendo Looking Into Broken Wii Straps; Sony Hits Brakes On Gran Turismo HD; Dozens Added To Xbox 360 Compatibility List; Interplay Planning Fallout MMO Game

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Constant Gardener

Blast From the Past:  Wizards & Warriors (NES | Dec. 1987)

Code of the Week:  Wii Sports Bowling (Wii)

December 1, 2006


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What was discussed: One In Nine MMOG Players Addicted; Second Life Realtor Makes $1 Million; Over 600 000 Wiis Served; eBay Wii & PS3 Sales Figures; First Cases Of Wii Elbow Reported; Police Make Arrests In PS3 Thefts; Abandonware Now Legal?; Wii Sims Get Makeover; Girl Gamers Targeted By New Magazine

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Well-Tempered Concert Goer

Blast From the Past:  Secret of Evermore (SNES | Oct. 1995)

Code of the Week:  Elite Beat Agents (DS)