April 27, 2007


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What was discussed:  George Foreman Unveils iPod Ready Grill; Real-Life Realtor Opens Up In Second Life; NPD Group: March Sales Up 33% From Last Year; Nintendo Announces Record Highs For Fiscal 2007; Sony CEO Ken Kutaragi Set To Retire; Microsoft Patents It’s Own Handheld Gaming System; PS3 Eye Coming This Summer; God Of War Heading To PSP; Beautiful Katamari Coming To PS3

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Pop-Up Video

Blast From the Past:  Battleclash (SNES | Oct. 1992 )

Code of the Week:  Marvel Ultimate Alliance (PS2)

April 20, 2007


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What was discussed:  Midway Confirms Aqua Teen Golf Game; Harvey Birdman Game In Works; Sony Cancels 20GB PS3 ; HP Working On Own Immersive Game System; More Grand Theft Auto 4 Details Revealed; GameStop Launching Xbox 360 Elite Trade-In Promo; New Guitar Hero 3 News; Layoffs Loom At Sony Europe; Chinese Government Fights Online Addiction; Prince Of Persia Director Announced

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Ombudsman

Blast From the Past:  Super Mario All-Stars (SNES | Aug. 1993)

Code of the Week:  God Of War II (PS2)

April 13, 2007


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What was discussed:  Mr. Bean Stumbling To PS2; No Charges Laid In Wii Radio Contest; Xbox 360 Spring Update Revealed; NiGHTS Officially Coming To Wii; Harmonix Forms Rock Band; Sony Drops PSP Price; Rumor: Sony Abandoning 20GB PS3 Model; Microsoft Expands Xbox 360 Warranty; Red Vs. Blue Ending With Episode 100; Lego Goes MMO; Duke Nukeum Forever Apparently Not Dead

Dennis’s Nickname:  The Angry Border Guard

Blast From the Past:  Starship Titanic (PC | March 1998)

Code of the Week:  Guitar Hero 2 (PS2)