June 24, 2016 – E3 Wrap-up (Part 2)

Friends, this week is part two of our E3 wrap-up where we focus on the other big news and noteworthy items to come out of last week’s event in Los Angeles.

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The man who is oddly enthralled by this Brexit vote

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June 17, 2016 – E3 Wrap-up (Part 1)

Friends, this week is part one of our E3 wrap-up, and we’ll give you a rundown of the big news coming from the E3 press conferences for Microsoft and Sony, as well as the news Nintendo made during the week!




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The belle of the ball

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June 10, 2016 – No Show This Week

Hey friends, we just wanted to take a moment to let you know that we’re taking this week off for two reasons.  First, we’ll be using the time to properly rest and prepare ourselves for the deluge of video game news that is coming with E3 right around the bend.  Second, the day when we would record this episode happened to be Dennis’ birthday, and as such, we will be off celebrating the fact that he has managed to remain of this mortal coil for yet another year.

In the meantime, get your fill of The Arcade by checking out our Archives as well as our iTunes page which hold as many past episodes of the show as we can muster.  Don’t worry, we’ll be back with you next week to cover the big events from the gaming bonanza of E3 down in Los Angeles.

June 3, 2016

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The man who can’t stop watching long critically-acclaimed series.

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