August 31, 2012 – PAX Prime Music Special

What was discussed: The anticipation of PAX and the musical artists who will be performing at PAX, featuring MC Frontalot, Jonathon Coulton, Supercommuter and the Protomen.

Dennis’s Nickname: The man who is PAX-ward bound.

Blast From the Past: N/A

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Jonathan Coulton

MC Frontalot


The Protomen

August 24, 2012

What was discussed: The Oatmeal Indiegogo Tesla Museum Campaign Update, Possible Working Copy Of FFII For NES Hits eBay, Google Job Watches For Horrible Things On The Internet, Nintendo Holding Wii U Media Event On Sept. 13, Nintendo Power Magazine Shutting Down, Green Day Get Their Own Levels In Angry Birds

Also worth a look: FFII for NES On eBay

Dennis’s Nickname: The Man Who looks 80% more thuggish in his new passport photo.

Blast From the Past: Tetris 2 (NES / Oct. 1993)

August 17, 2012

What was discussed: An update on the The Oatmeals fundraising campaign to help build a Tesla museum, Insane Clown Posse Suing FBI Over Gang Classification, Neo Geo Handheld System Launches In December, Sony Announces PS3/Vita Cross-Buy Promotion, Sony Unveils New, Creative Titles At Gamescom, (Tearaway for Vita, from the creators of Little Big Planet, Rain for PlayStation Network, Puppeteer for PS3, Until Dawn for PS3), Team Fortress 2 Gets A New Team, Hoarde Mode, And Co-op

Dennis’s Nickname: The Man Who Doesn’t Know Where He’s Going To Get His Fix Of Dressage and Synchronized Swimming Now That The Olympics Are Over.

Blast From the Past: Fubar (Movie / May 2002)

Also worth checking out: Let’s Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum

August 10, 2012

What was discussed: Florida Man Selling Business, Worldly Possessions On eBay For $3.5M, Andrew Lloyd Webber Making A Wii Game, Ouya Kickstarter Campaign Ends With $8.6M, Namco Bandai Possibly Coming To Ouya, Steam To Expand To Non-Gaming Software, MineCon 2012 Moving From Vegas To Disneyland Paris

Dennis’s Nickname: Who bids a fond farewell to acclaimed actor, Bob Hoskins, Mario Mario himself.

Blast From the Past: Spinal Tap – Break Like The Wind (Album / 1992)

August 3, 2012

What was discussed: Man Sells Prototype Legend of Zelda NES Cartridge For $150,000, Japanese Company Will Build You An Actual Working Mech For $1 Million, Ouya Launching With Final Fantasy III, Ouya To Support OnLive Streaming Game Service, VR Headset Kickstarter Campaign Successful On First Day, Wreck-It Ralph Gets Sonic, Ken & Ryu, Plus Additional Voice Cast

Dennis’s Nickname: The man who reminds you that hens love roosters, geese love ganders, and everyone else loves Ned Flanders.

Blast From the Past: A Mighty Wind (Movie / May 2003)