December 19, 2021 – Christmas Music Special

Come on in everybody, and thanks for joining us on The Arcade’s 15th annual Christmas Music Special!

The M.O. for this show is to bring you music for the season you probably haven’t heard before. And boy howdy, do we deliver on that once again this year. Kicking off this year’s show is the Ludicrous Leadoffs, which are themed around internet humor and Christmas comedy. What falls into that category, you might ask? Well, Jon Lajoie for starters, followed by Garfunkel & Oates, the band My Dick out of Ohio, as well as a holiday assortment of audio treats from Homestar Runner. Looking to keep the good times rolling and bring a bit more energy to the party, we take a trip down to the Big Easy for a New Orleans Christmas which features some jazzy tunes, some Dixieland ditties, and the great “Satchmo” himself, Louis Armstrong. If you’ve listened to any of these music shows through the years, you’ll know that Mike and Dennis enjoy music on the heavier side of the spectrum. It shouldn’t surprise you then that this year’s Christmas show has some metal music offerings. Specifically, these are metal songs covering or inspired by classic Christmas movies. That isn’t the only group of darker holiday music we have for you as we also dig into the world of music from Christmas monster movies. Yes, it’s true, Christmas monster movies are totally a thing. Tune in to learn more!

As always, we encourage you to follow the links below to add these songs to your collection. We hope you enjoy this show, and we wish all of you out there a Merry Everything and Happy New Year!

What Was Played:
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Dennis’ Nickname:

The man who has to quickly mentally prepare for an in-person Christmas this year