October 25, 2019 – Halloween Music Special

Halloween season is back up upon again, which means it’s time for us here at The Arcade to rescue you from the never-ending barrage of Thriller, the Monster Mash, and the Ghostbusters theme. You see, every year at this time, we make it our mission to seek out and bring you Halloween music you won’t hear anywhere else and, by gawd, we’ve outdone ourselves this year. Leading off this year’s proceedings is one of the most recognizable voices in all things spooky, Vincent Price. From there, we share a version of the Monster Mash that combines the well-known song with 1980’s hip-hop, a ditty from the cult classic movie Phantom of the Paradise, and a pair of songs from Bob’s Burgers and South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut. After our opening pack of Ludicrous Leadoffs, we move on and give attention and praise to a character that doesn’t get much love this time of year, the Devil. We give our regards to the Dark Lord with a pack of songs ranging from Robert Johnson all the way to a track from Cuphead. After saying “hi” to Satan, it’s only appropriate that present the Obligatory Metal Group, which, as you can tell by the name, is something we do every year. Serenading you with metal tones this year is Mercyful Fate, Dissolution, and one of the most Halloween appropriate bands of all-time, KISS. Wrapping up our Halloween show for 2019 is Christopher Lee performing a reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic, The Tell-Tale Heart. It’s only appropriate to bookend the show with Vincent Price and Christopher Lee, two of the best voices for Halloween, ever.

What Was Played:
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The man who will be going as himself this year for Halloween

Dec. 18, 2015-Jan. 1, 2016 – 9th Annual Christmas Music Special

Friends, it’s that time once again when we get in the festive spirit and bring you a bundle of Christmas cheer with our 9th Annual Christmas Music Special!  Year after year, too many of the same Christmas songs are played over and over again, which is why we’ve put together a great line-up of seasonal songs you won’t find anywhere else.  Did you know there are booty-call Christmas songs out there?  Well, we’ll play some from Steel Panther and RuPaul.  We’ll also revisit the Christmas episodes from some of your favourite 90’s cartoons with songs from Ren and Stimpy, Animaniacs, Dexter’s Lab, Goof Troop, and Bump In The Night.  The heavier side of the musical spectrum gets visited with songs focused on Krampus, but we’ll bring you back up with a selection of surf-pop Christmas ditties.  As always, we encourage you to follow the iTunes links below to purchase these songs for yourself.  So tune in, turn on, and enjoy a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays us here at The Arcade.

What Was Played:
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The Grinch

November 27, 2015

Ludicrous Leadoffs:

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The man who is super excited to see King Diamond, but doesn’t want to jinx it.

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