February 7, 2020

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The man who is bewildered that companies are still creating new eCards in 2020, the year of our Lord, like it is still 2003

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January 9, 2015 – 2014 Year In Review (Part 2)

Greetings friends, and welcome to part two of our 2014 Year In Review.  This week, we’ll wrap-up the past year by discussing some of the other big stories from the past 12 months.

Ludicrous Topics:

  • 3D Realms And Gearbox Fight Over Duke Nukem Ownership
  • People And Their Money Are Easily Parted

What was discussed:

  • Sony: The Year That Was
  • Big Games Delaying To 2015

Dennis’ Nickname:

The man who is now saving the world, one lemon at a time.

Blasts from the Past:

December 19 & 26, 2014 – 8th Annual Christmas Music Special

Friends, it’s time once again for us here at The Arcade to celebrate the holiday season in our own special way as we present to you our 8th annual Christmas Music Special!  On the show this year, we bring you four completely unique takes on the holiday favorite, Carol of the Bells.  We also have a group of songs from unlikely Christmas crooners that is sure to surprise you, as will our always popular Ludicrous Leadoffs.  To close out the show, we dug deep and unearthed Christmas instrumental covers of AC/DC, Green Day, and Metallica.  Oh yes, they exist, and they are tremendous.  Like all of our music specials, we encourage you to click the purchase links below and add these songs to your own music collection.  As an added gift to you this week, we have two movies as Blasts From The Past which are sure to cure any seasonal blues you might be suffering.  Listen, enjoy, and all the best to you and yours from us at The Arcade.

What Was Played:
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The frantic last minute holiday shopper

Blasts From The Past:

July 25, 2014

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The Man Who Says: If You’re Going To Binge On ReBoot, Please Binge Responsibly.

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