October 26, 2018 – Halloween Music Special

Halloween season is upon us, and we here at The Arcade are thrilled to bring you our annual Halloween Music Special!  Unlike pretty much every other outlet at this time of year, we get our hands dirty and dig deep to unearth some of the finest and most enjoyable Halloween music you won’t hear anywhere else. We’ll start this year’s proceedings with a group of songs focused on what we’re calling “ancient evil”. No, it’s not recordings of pagan ceremonies, but it is all British music about the occult/Satan from the 1960’s. From there comes the obligatory metal group, which, this year, has a decidedly Canadian bent to it. Once the metal is out of the way, we focus on a genre which has really been underrepresented in previous Halloween Music Specials, hip-hop. There’s a rich world of horror-themed hip-hop out there, and we’re presenting just the tip of the iceberg this year. This year’s show ends off focusing on the haunting sounds of Peter Steele. The former frontman of Type O Negative had one of the deepest and most distinct voices in rock, and we found a few tracks that perfectly illustrate how perfect Peter Steele’s voice was for Halloween.

What Was Played:
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The man who hopes to get more Trick-Or -Treaters this year, if only to save him from the inevitable leftover candy hangover he’ll inflict upon himself

August 17, 2018

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The man who is well-versed enough in metal to know that the blood red sun poking through the dark, smoky sky is an ill-omen, at best

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June 15, 2018 – E3 Wrap-up (Part 1)

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The man who has no time for a nickname this week as E3 happened and there is much to discuss!

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