October 29, 2021 – Halloween Music Special

Come one, come all and listen if you dare, to our Halloween show that will give you a scare.  The plan this year is to make Halloween killer, with songs aplenty that give you a chiller.  We play tunes about people who like to kill, all to give you people a great big thrill.  There’s music about psychos and songs with horns.  There’s even a song about that dreaded candy corn.  So open your ears and let the sound flow in between as we bring you this show for Halloween.

What Was Played:
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Dennis’ Nickname:

The man who thinks that this year’s worst Halloween costume is a “Sexy Anti-Vaxxer”.

October 28, 2016 – Halloween Music Special

It’s Halloween 2016 and The Arcade is back with our annual Halloween Music Special to fill up your auditory pillow case with treats of a musical sort. We strive to present a variety of songs and styles on these shows, and this year is no different.  Our adventure beings with the Ludicrous Leadoffs, which this year, is built around a central theme… haunting horror hip-hop! Did you know the Crypt Keeper did a rap song in the early 90’s?  Or that Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff made a song for A Nightmare on Elm Street 4? Have you ever heard Warwick Davis rap as the Leprechaun in Leprechaun V?  We’ve found all these oddities and play them for you in our opening block.  From there, we class the show up a bit and explore what the world of Creepy Classical and Spooky Symphonies for us.  The class, however, will only last so long as we have to include the obligatory heavy metal group.  What could be more Halloween than the image of blood raining down from the sky as sung by Slayer, or Peter Steele using his bass-baritone vocals to sing an ode to All Hallows Eve?  This Halloween show closes out by paying homage to some of the great musical talents who left their mortal coil and joined the afterlife this year as we’ll play seasonally appropriate selections from Motörhead, David Bowie, and Prince.  So tune in and let us be your soundtrack for this scary season.  As always, we encourage you to follow the iTunes links below to purchase these songs for yourself, to enjoy at Halloween and beyond.

What Was Played:
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Dennis’s Nickname:

The giver of chocolate, the taker of souls

March 4, 2016

Ludicrous Leadoff:

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The man who approves of Deadpool

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